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Based in Hastings and Tonbridge Kent, we are one of the leading companies providing professional drain repair and unblocking services in Sussex, Surry and Kent.

Drain Repair Services

Repair & Drainage Relining

Flow de Flow offers the best household and commercial drain and patch relining services. We can use no-dig solutions to reline drains of any size. If your property has clogged drains or faulty pipes, it can cause flooding, unpleasant odours, and structural damage.

Our drain and pipe relining services can resolve these issues without breaking the bank or causing significant disruption. We can repair most problems by relining or patching without digging. We also offer a wide range of repair procedures, including excavation, which can be the only option when a drain has collapsed.

In addition, our experienced team can carry out any type of repair, from minor issues to full relines and excavations that require more complex work. We can repair or replace damaged or blocked pipes, drains, and sewers quickly and cost-effectively.

Drain Repair
Our Repair Work

Great Service, Great Value!

Whatever you require, we have the drain experience and equipment to provide a complete solution. You can trust us to get the work done quickly, whether drain repair or blocked drain clearance.

Water jetting is perfect for removing severe, obstinate blockages from sewer lines, such as stones or roots. These can create system backup and overflow, resulting in property and equipment damage.

In extreme cases, a complete drain line replacement may be necessary. We can replace damaged or badly corroded drains quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption. We use the latest tools and techniques to replace a drain line in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods or excavation.

If you need to install a new drain for your property, our experienced team can help. We provide full installation services for drains of all sizes, from small residential drains to large-scale commercial and industrial installations. We can also install CCTV systems, which allow our engineers to inspect pipes without excavation.

Clogged drains can result in downtime or equipment failure for many businesses. Water jetting regularly can prevent these problems from arising at a cheap cost. We can provide regular maintenance for sewers, drains, and other systems to help eliminate future problems.

Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is a condition in which a clog or obstruction impedes the flow of water or other liquid through a pipe, drainage system, or other conduit. This can result from an accumulation of materials such as food scraps, hair, grease buildup etc. Left untreated for too long, blocked drains can lead to serious plumbing issues that require professional repair services.

Drain Survey

A drain survey, sometimes referred to as a CCTV drain survey, is an inspection process used to identify and diagnose any issues or blockages within the drainage system. Using advanced state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, our technicians can access the entire drainage system from the entrance point to the exit point and locate any problems which may be present.

Drain Repairs